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GroovinAds Shopping allows you to automatically manage and publish advertisements for the products of your e-commerce store in online media.
The purpose is that you can efficiently advertise the products you want to sell, without any effort, and on the best sites in your region.

You connect our application to your e-commerce platform. In doing so, we synchronize all the products available for sale with our ads database.
In addition, we integrate with the store in order to understand the profile of the users who are interested in your offers and what behavior they have.
This data will allow you to create two types of ad campaigns:
  • Publications that will bring new users, capable of becoming buyers, to your store.
  • Publications that will make your users decide to return again and again to your store; this will result in an income increase and contribute to build loyalty to your brand.

If you want many new people to know about your business, you can create a specific campaign to generate more traffic. In advertising jargon, this type of campaign is called "prospecting".
When a user browses various products or repeatedly returns to look at one, we consider that they feel attracted to your brand; then, we start looking for new users with the same characteristics: for example, preference for means that led to your electronic store or interest in certain products.

When you have a decent base of people who know your business and are expecting them to purchase repeatedly from your store, instead of doing it in the competition, you can create a campaign to retain them. In advertising jargon, to this type of campaign is called “retargeting”.
Ads are only shown to users who have been to your online store recently. If they did not specify any purchase, we will select the products that interested them and we will publish them in the announcements to remind them that they are still available. On the other hand, if they have made a transaction, the ads will show them other consumer goods that they might be interested in or new when they are available.

Because it is the most effective way to convert them into customers, and for your brand to be their immediate reference when they want to purchase a new product or make a trusted recommendation. These people went through different phases before becoming customers and they represent a lower number than all the others that abandoned the process (also known as “conversion funnel”); then, generating a campaign focused on retention will allow you to obtain the greatest possible number of successes.

The first thing you should do is create at least one campaign to start publishing the products of your online store in the media. This is really simple: you just have to select the target and make sure it stays active and have a maximum daily investment limit appropriate to your pocket. Next, you must include the general credit that the campaigns will use (if you have created more than one) to pay the media for the publication of the products; GroovinAds Shopping is integrated with various electronic payment methods, depending on the region geographic location of each ecommerce platform. Ready! Available credit and active campaigns, your products should already be appearing in the media.
All configuration options can be changed at any time, even while campaigns are running.

If your eCommerce store is new or you are not satisfied with the volume of traffic you receive, you should definitely create a campaign to reach new users. It is important understand that, in this scenario, activating a single campaign for people to return would not have much sense as there would be no one to encourage to return. This been said, if you are in this situation and activate a campaign to attract new users, incorporating a second campaign of retention would be very useful to build loyalty and convert users into customers faster.
If the volume of visitors to your store is considerable, but you assume that the rate of sales is not optimal yet, creating a user retention campaign is the most appropriate option: you will start to improve the quality of your audience and you will convert them into customers very quickly.

GroovinAds Shopping will select and display products for each specific user, according to the objective of each campaign (increase traffic or generate more sales). Every product displayed will have a special purpose.
For example, when we identify a product in your catalog that gets many visits from different users, we understand that it is an attractive product and that, therefore, it is ideal to catch the attention of new users. On the other hand, in ads dedicated to getting more sales, we are going to show products with which the user has already interacted, similar ones that might interest them or other products that have a significant number of sales.

They're going to look great, of course! Your products will appear in native advertising online ads "windows". The advertising message, in native spaces, is visually integrated into the medium where it appears.
As this is not invasive, users perceive the ad as valuable content, increasing their positive reception, and therefore absorb the message without opposition.
Each ad will present a prominent image of the product and your brand's logo along with the value of the offer.

Almost everything is automatic. GroovinAds Shopping automatically integrates your store's catalog and selects which products to display depending on the intentions of the campaigns. On your part, you must create the campaigns you want, select an objective (acquire new users or retain users) and specify how much money you will spend on the campaigns daily.
In addition, if you wish, you can include some personal touches in the ads to make your brand stand out more: you can use colors according to the style of your business, a personalized message or change the way of communicating the value of the product (for example, reporting a discount).

The media auction their advertising space: the advertiser who offers to pay more is the one who will publish his ads. GroovinAds Shopping will automatically bid to take the most convenient opportunities (pay the lowest cost for the highest audience quality) according to your budget; in turn, the ads will try to be distributed throughout the entire day in relation to the defined investment volume. In this way, every active campaign in our system, even if it has a modest investment, will have the possibility of impacting different users. Of course, the greater the investment, the greater the audience that will respond to the offers.

The service is free of charge! The total investment is allocated to the media, to cover the costs of the technology necessary for it to exist, and the advertising management processes involved.

It depends on the amount of money you have added, and the maximum limits set in your active campaigns. GroovinAds Shopping will try to reach daily the maximum possible investment, providing the best results, but we cannot guarantee that we will always be able to invest all the authorized investment (due to the maximum limits mentioned) since we prefer not to spend if we do not do it efficiently. In a normal scenario, if the available balance is, for example, $1,000.00 and the daily limits of all active campaigns add up to a total of $200.00, the money will be enough for the campaigns to publish the products for five consecutive days.

We have a prepaid system. In this way, you will have control of your investment and you will not spend more than you have planned. As long as you have available balance, your campaigns will be available to go out when the most convenient opportunity to publish your products presents itself.

At the top of the main screen, you will find a box indicating the balance you have available and whether you have an active subscription. By clicking on this area, the application will present you with all the options available for you to deposit money into your account. You will find a series of monthly subscription plans and an option that will allow you to enter the money you want without having to commit to paying on a recurring basis once a month.

Each plan allows you to automate the process of depositing money into your GroovinAds Shopping account to have available balance and, thus, publish your products in the media. You must simply choose the value of the monthly fee that best suits your budget and follow the instructions on the screen to process the payment. If your subscription to a plan is active, every month we will automatically charge you the value of the fee (charges are made every thirty days, more or less) and we will also credit your account with the corresponding reward balance. For your peace of mind, you can cancel at any time and without any penalty.

For the rewards! Each plan gives you an extra amount of balance (proportional to the value of the plan) that we will deposit in your account. The greater the value of the plan, the greater the proportional reward that we will give you and, therefore, your money will be worth much more. In fact, if you add more balance by entering money manually, we will add it too to increase your reward. In addition, a monthly plan is an excellent option if you want to always keep your campaigns active and not lose any sales opportunities in case you run out of balance and forget to renew it.

Exactly. Every thirty days, from the date of subscription, a withdrawal will be made automatically from your credit card or account linked to the application, equivalent to the value of the selected plan fee.

Without a doubt. In the section Your Current Plan of the Billing page ('') you will quickly find the button to cancel it immediately without penalties.

  • Because it will allow you to concentrate your time on the most important thing, YOUR BUSINESS, and not on thinking about how to advertise.
  • Because among the media audience are the buyers with the highest purchasing power.
  • Because the products will be presented as valuable content promoted by the media.

No. When you make a change to the catalog, the e-commerce platform will notify us immediately and we will automatically update the ads.

Of course! Contact us by clicking here and we will solve it.

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